Mastered at Glowcast audio: Harvey McKay – Shift EP

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Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio Mastering, Glasgow, Scotland

After the massive success of the Nightwalker EP, Harvey McKay returns to Soma with his latest release, Shift.

Harvey firmly cements his trademark sound in this release with two original tracks and a crafty remix of the title track by Rich Jones.

The back bone of Shift is made up of a driving kick and sub-bass combo. This is present throughout the track as the subtle samples and minimalistic and old-skool sounding synths build around it. The bassline grows deeper as the track progresses through the gears, with enough growl to rumble the guts of any seasoned clubber.

The Rich Jones remix works on a thoroughly grooving beat, with hefty bass and shuffling percussive rhythms working in tandem. There is a slightly acidic squelch in Rich’s remix – filtering up slowly and encouraging tension. This remix covers both the menacing and the playful in equal measures.

After Hours adopts a more melodic approach. Some quality chords played on the synths gives this track its soul while the beats and percussion allow it to hold its own on the dance-floor.

Shift builds on the precedent set by Nightwalker and is a true reflection of Harvey’s style.

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