Stereo Mastering – 65€ per song (plus VAT where applicable)

Download PDF about how to prepare your files for mastering (if necessary) here.

Then Upload Files + Order Mastering

(Please note previous customers keep their original prices)

Mastering is our most popular service at Glowcast Audio. For an additional 10€ per song I can offer mix consulting before beginning the mastering process if required.

It is also possible to attend the session in a Covid friendly digital way featuring a videocall + streaming high quality audio directly from my studio to yours. This costs 120€ per song and includes mix consultation

Revision until satisfaction on the original premaster is without additional charge.

New mixdowns are charged at 50%, additional versions (instrumental, radio edit) are charged at 50%

Mastering is the final step in sonically enhancing and processing audio. This can include techniques such as EQing, Compression, Limiting and fixing minor pops and glitches, as well as error checking and presenting audio in its final form. It is the process of optimising audio, before preparing and transferring recorded audio to a data storage device (the master); the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing, duplication, replication or distribution, either digitally or physically).

If your project requires being burnt to CD including ISRC codes, and CD text etc for CD duplication, this costs an extra 20€.

DDP files are included in orders of over 10 tracks if required.

Stem mastering: 100€ for 2-4 stems, and 125€ for 5-8 stems (Ex VAT where applicable)

Download mixing advice PDF to help you prepare your mixdowns for mastering here.

Upload Files + Order Stem Mastering

Revision until satisfaction on the original premaster files is without additional charge.

New stems are charged at 50%, additional versions (instrumental, radio edit) are charged at 50%

Stem Mastering is similar to mastering, and the end goal is the same: to sonically enhance your track and get the best out of the audio before preparing and transferring recorded audio to a data storage device (the master).

The difference is that some producers prefer to send me their track divided into stems: for example, all of the synths grouped together on one stem, and all of the vocals and backing vocals grouped together on another stem. Ideally the Kick should be separate and have it’s own stem

Not to be confused with mixing, as the producer will have mixed everything to the best of their ability before sending over these stems, sometimes this can be just what is needed to fix any issues that may stand between me and a great sounding master: if I have access to the track in its stems then I have more flexibility and therefore, choices, when it comes to mastering your music, which can lead to an even more precise and sonically pleasing final master.

Mixing (includes master) 360€ per song (Ex VAT where applicable), but it is also open to discounts if you send me more than one track at a time.

Download PDF about mixing advice here.

Upload Files + Order Mixing

While the Glowcast Audio studio mostly focuses on mastering, I also spend a lot of time mixing tracks for clients. I offer attended sessions online (digitally attended using videocall, webcam, screenshare and 32bit PCM audio stream) for clients, with optional skype consultation to discuss the mix in detail before beginning work, this service costs a bit extra, please ask about it discuss the project requirements and i can give you a quote.

This is a complete mixdown from start to finish of the elements of your song. It is expected that the song is completed in arrangement and structure, and creatively completed before mix down begins. I recommend you leave on any processes that are creative that you like the sound of, chorus, delay, echo, reverb, for example, however strong compression and limiting are not recommended and better left open to the Glowcast engineers to help blend all of the elements of your track together to achieve a professional sound.