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Mastering, is the final step in sonically enhancing and processing audio which can include techniques such as EQ, Compression, Limiting etc and fixing minor pops and glitches, as well as error checking and presenting audio in its final form. It is the process of optimizing audio, before preparing and transferring recorded audio to a data storage device (the master); the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing, duplication, replication or distribution, either digitally or physically).

Mastering is our most popular service here. Mastering with Glowcast costs 54€ per track (Ex VAT).

If your project requires being burnt to CD including ISRC codes, and CD text etc for CD duplication, this costs an extra 20€.

Stem Mastering is similar to mastering, and the end goal is the same: to sonically enhance your track and get the best out of the audio before preparing and transferring recorded audio to a data storage device (the master).

The difference is that some producers prefer to send me their track divided into stems: for example, all of the drums grouped together on one stem, and all of the synths grouped together on another stem.

Not to be confused with mixing, as the producer will have mixed everything to the best of their ability before sending over these stems, sometimes this can be just what is needed to fix any issues that may stand between me and a great sounding master: if I have access to the track in its parts then I have more flexibility and therefore, choices, when it comes to mastering your music, which can lead to an even more precise and sonically pleasing final master. This costs 84€ for 2-4 stems, and 109€ for 5-10 stems (Ex VAT)

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