Monoloc Gipson Remixes with Slam, Lucy, SHDW & Obscure Shape

Monoloc – Gipson (Remixed) Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast




1. Gipson (Slam Remix)
2. Cupel (Lucy Remix)
3. Gipson (SHDW & Obscure Shape Remix)

Monoloc returns to Soma in the form of a special remix package that sees 2015’s ‘Gipson Ep’ reworked by Slam, Lucy and SHDW & Obscure Shape. Monoloc carefully selected his remixers to breath new life in to his fantastic debut release on Soma with superb results.

Soma label heads Slam turn in a brooding, menacing version of title track Gipson. Staying true to the original’s heavy and atmospheric vibe, the Glaswegian duo keep it stripped back and pounding. Stroboscopic Artefacts boss, Lucy steps up with his more experimental take on Cupel. The dubbed out atmospheres of the original take on a new life and Lucy leans hard on the electronics and delivers a broken beat, tweeked out trip. Relative newcomers SHDW & Obscure Shape round off the EP with a big, bold reinterpretation of Gipson. Thundering bass drums, hypnotic synths hooks and and an epic use of the original’s pad create a fairly ferocious end to the EP.

*tracks 1 & 3 mastered by Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering