Mastered at Glowcast: Andrew Weatherall and Alex Under remixes of Pablo

Pablo | Remixed | Soma332D

1. Stratus (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
2. Turn The Page (Alex Under Remix)

This release continues the ‘Soma 20’ connection with Glaswegian Pablo’s tracks ‘Stratus’ and ‘Turn the page’ remixed by Andrew Weatherall and Alex Under.

Pablo’s music brought another diverse element to the Soma output and his idiosyncratic sound was captured on 2009 album ‘Turntable Technology’. The original releases blended sampling, scatological hip-hop style and elaborately balanced beats to produce something highly original and admired by many other DJs. These earlier releases also enabled Pablo to become a musical presence in the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ franchise.

Andrew Weatherall and Alex Under have taken on the task of remixing two of Pablo’s most notable tracks, and the innovative sounds provide great resource for the stylistically deviant DJs. Their subsequent reworking here unleashes a powerful incorporation of style and innovation, matching source material and a new perspective to create highly successful collaborations.

Andrew Weatherall’s remix of ‘Stratus’ is a striking interpretation of the original. Initial momentum is thrust through the track with a heavy and deep bass at the outset. When the driving rhythmic aspects of the track subside somewhat an intricate and compelling electro sound adds a retrospective feel with references to eighties synth music and older production styles using particular patches and effect-laden guitar sweeps etc. to create a layered and affecting track. The percussive scope of the remix is enhanced by the inclusion of Bongos, Djembe etc. supplementing the physicality of the rhythm. As the track draws to an end the sound begins to reveal a darker undertone and more industrial possibilities for the track are alluded to. This remix manages to maintain originality whilst taking a wholly different angle on the track and supplies another unique track.

‘Turn the page’ was a track which initially identified the unique ability of Pablo to merge many elements of sound, sampling, production and spoken word. Although often working in a very different manner Alex Under chose to create his own version of this track, challenging the boundaries of his previous productions. Given the multitude of individual factors in the original there could be real difficulty in forging a dynamic and personal sound. Alex Under however, has managed to put his unique stamp on this track and the Turn the page remix contains both a reverent nod to the original track and an individualistic new creation. Some of the vibrant and obscure sounds of the original are drawn on to heighten beats and add depth to the core of the track; taking apart the linear arrangement and reintegrating aspects at key points. The narrative aspect of the track, however, remains and Alex Under deals with this spoken word lyricism skilfully, enjoying something of a departure from his sparser productions and utilising the vocal presence to enhance the emotive quality of the track.

Mastered at by Conor Dalton

Released by: Soma Records
Release/catalogue number: Soma332D
Release date: Apr 2, 2012

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