Audio mastering in Logic: An alternate way to set up your mastering project, by Robert Goldie


When mastering audio in Logic, there are a number of ways to set up your project and process the audio. Here is one way of really breaking down the track, and re-building it using buses, Mid/Side encoding, Parallel compression, Reverb and the standard tools EQ and Compression, as filmed by Robert Goldie of UWS Music Technology module.

Of course, this might be useful for some people, a completely normal way of mastering for others, or some might disagree with these techniques entirely; as mastering is completely subjective to the individual, but i thought this post might help people to think differently about the way they approach Audio mastering in Logic and Rob was kind enough to let me post this tutorial.

The end result of this method is the signal gets split into mid and side, and EQ’d separately. These get bused and recombined after EQ to the M&S track. Parallel compression is added. The M&S gets sent to Aux 3 with the parallel compression, an optional aux reverb (with EQ) is available if needed, and the sum of all tracks get sent to the final “all channels track”, where the signal can be EQ’d, Compressed and Limited.

Hopefully this will help someone out if they find themselves not getting the results they are looking for!

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