Mastered at Glowcast Audio: Surgeon – Muggerscum Out (Alex Smoke remix)

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Soma 20 | Surgeon
Muggerscum Out Remixes (Soma309D)
Release Date: 27.06.11

SOMA 20 YEARS [1991 – 2011]

As far as we are concerned, Surgeon is quite simply royalty in Techno. He has made and played music as he likes, disregarding traits and trends, for 15+ years. Over these years he has worked with the likes of Regis (as British Murder Boys) and more recently Ben Sims (as Frequency 7), making records that have been a corner stone of the Birmingham Techno scene. Shortly after Surgeon had broken through with his eponymous debut EP, Magneze, on Downwards circa 1995, the original Muggerscum Out was released on Soma Records. A strictly British selection of remixers work this hidden gem in the Surgeon and Soma catalogues. The Black Dog offer two mixes of Surgeon in their archetypal heavy, Northern style, while London’s Perc and Glasgow’s Alex Smoke turn Muggerscum Out in their own unique way.

Alex Smoke brings the busiest remix to the table, with complex layers of percussion and synths. His wonderful ability to create intricate and evolving progressions in his music shine through in this Muggerscum Out remix. Levelling out around the two thirds mark Alex keeps his dog on the leash, showing the restraint and poise his productions are famous for.

Alex Smoke remix was mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast audio mastering.

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