Mastered at Glowcast: Slam + Gary Beck – Alliances 1 (Verto / South) [Paragraph]

The new ‘Alliances’ project will see Slam co-producing with friends and peers from around the globe, beginning with Gary Beck, Pan-Pot & Italo Boyz. PARA014 sees Slam embark on their first ‘Alliances’ project with fellow Glaswegian, Gary Beck. As two linchpins of techno the product has a lot to live up to. The result of this collaboration is a controlled blend of drive and groove primed to work the dancefloor. The opening track on the EP, and the series, is the uncompromising ‘Verto’. Ravey synth-lines and snares rolls flow in liquid swells of suspense and tension as the track pushes forward in its stripped and organic form. The AA-side, ‘South’ oozes groove and restraint, albeit at a slightly slower pace. The ‘South’ bassline retains the drive, and is steady and rolling, flowing back and forth throughout the duration. Hovering synths and a spine-chilling vocal are utilised at the breaks allowing the track motion and lucidity. This first in ‘Alliances’ series sets the bar high, with a no-nonsense approach to the dancefloor.

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast

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