Mastered at Glowcast: Slam – Lifetimes (Pan-Pot remixes)

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SLAM Remixed Part 1

Release Date: 29/08/2011

1. Slam – Lifetimes (Pan-Pot Bass Times Remix)
2. Slam – Lifetimes (Pan-Pot Tribute To Life Remix)

SOMA 20 YEARS [1991 – 2011]

Slam, the very essence of Soma records, the building blocks on which it was created. For 20 years, Slam have been at the forefront off the UK techno scene having shaped it sound with classics such as ‘Positive Education’ and ‘Step Back’. For this special 20 years of Soma celebration, Slam invites good friends and spectacular producers, Pan-Pot to provide reworks of the classic Lifetime track.

Pan-Pot are one of the most exciting production duets around today, having garnered success with tracks such as ‘Charly ’ and ‘Captain my Captain’ as well remixes of the like of Booka Shade’s ‘Regenerate’. For this exclusive release on Soma, Pan-Pot lend their talents to Slam’s ‘Lifetimes’, providing two fresh and exciting remixes that throb, pulse and build into instant dancefloor classics.

The EP kicks of with their ‘Bass Times Remix’ where precise, minimalist percussion, vast soundscapes and distorted basslines are laid down underneath a controlled and stripped back original vocal. The track builds nicely to a vox-laden broken beat drop, and a 2 minute long 4/4 techno stomp. Pan- Pot’s ‘Tribute To Life Remix’ follows with yet more murky soundscapes, a thumping kick drum, progressive builds in percussion and the of course that bassline . Twisting the original track to provide a darkly nuanced and intricate tech-house monster, Pan-Pot do more than justice to this remix.

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast

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