Mastered at Glowcast: Soma Coma 5

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About SOMA COMA series….

2011 is our big year. 20 years old. We’ve a huge amount of exciting things to come over the course of this year but were keen not to miss another opportunity to get in amongst some of the more obscure, overlooked and underplayed records in our heaving catalogue. The Soma Coma series has proved to be an effective comfort mechanism, best used in the face of stress or discomfort, supplying you with a diverse retrospective of tracks designed specifically for introspective moments.

SOMA COMA 5 is replete with atmospheric shifts, moody grooves and mind-altering melodies from the likes of The Black Dog, Universal Principles, H-Foundation, Pressure Funk (aka Slam), Gene Farris, Counterplan, and Silicone Soul. Beyond these label stalwarts, we were also very keen to showcase some of our more recent acquisitions, including Vakama, whose brand new track Yemaya rests comfortably amongst superb offerings from Harvey McKay, Decimal, Hatikvah, and Joe Stawarz.

1) The Black Dog – Later Vexations
2) Joe Stawarz – Cry
3) Hatikvah – Daedalus
4) Decimal – The Lesson of Hope
5) Vakama – Yemaya
6) Pressure Funk – Darkest Hour
7) Alex Smoke – Jah Future
8) H-Foundation – Scenario
9) Gene Farris – Smoke Session Pause
10) Harvey McKay – Life
11) Counterplan – The Morning After
12) Chaser – Sleazy Listening
13) Universal Principles – Don’s Different Ducks
14) Silicone Soul – The Strip

Released by: soma
Release/catalogue number: SOMACD090
Release date: May 23, 2011

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