Mastered at Glowcast Audio: Harvey McKay – 69 (remixes)

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Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio Mastering, Glasgow, Scotland.

1. 69 (Harvey McKay Re-shape)
2. 69 (Kevin Roux & Arvid Remix)
3. 69 (Steve Banks Remix)
4. 69 (Hall North Remix)

Earlier in the year, our good friends over at FOEM organised a remix competition for one of the biggest tracks from Harvey McKay’s ‘Machine Make Noise’ album – ‘69’. It produced a large number of quality submissions, and between Harvey & the Soma team, these three cuts were selected for their style, production and most importantly, their vision.

Along with the three remixes, Harvey added his own re-shape, bringing a deeper and darker growl and accompanied by a deeply-rooted beat. Harvey’s Re-shape is a first-rate revision of one of his biggest track to date.

The Kevin Roux & Avrid remix just brings you back up from the depths of Harvey’s re-shape. While utilising many of the percussive elements in the original ‘69’ track, Roux & Arvid go in a different direction, with dubby synths floating in and around a weighty kick drum and sub-bass combo.

Steve Banks has created an infectious groove throughout his remix with intricate and jacking percussion that steps the tempo up somewhat. Breaking down into razor-sharp bass and a pulsing synth, bleeps and squeaks from the original bounce around and are laden in fx. The re-introduction of the kick drum and low-end bass leaps in knocking all out in its way to devastating effect.

The final remix is from Hall North is a trippy yet grooving take on the ‘69’ track. More melodic in nature, but still retaining some of the grit from the original, Hall North’s remix is built around stabbing chords and phasing percussion, which brings a level of tension that can be found lurking until the end of the track.

The FOEM competition was based around a massively powerful track. It has been treated in different manners by different people, but with all three remixes, a host of young, talented and upcoming electronic producers from across Europe, have shone through with their unique and individual takes on an influential original from Harvey McKay.

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