Mastered at Glowcast audio: Funk D’Void & Sian – Bearded Child EP

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Funk D’Void & Sian Bearded Child EP mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio Mastering, Glasgow, Scotland.

Funk D’Void and Sian are on top of their game yet again as they hit the ears of their fans with this enticing release. This is the fourth time they have collaborated on Soma, with releases proving to be consistent and innovatively original. The irresistible blend of Funk D’Void’s old school experience and Sian’s multi-cultured and well travelled upbringing creates a unique style of music production, which is ever-growing in popularity with the Soma fans.

The critically acclaimed previous releases from the guys were almost teasing in nature by only offering two tracks on each. This clever tactic left fans screaming for more and they will not be disappointed with this latest offering. The duo have built on the hype created by A Raven Wheeling Overhead and A Wasp In A Wig to pulsating effect with the hypnotic Bearded Child and gripping track Veins.

The outstanding title track creates an unusual and very intriguing mood from the beginning. The angry sounding bass pulses through the intro with purpose and is complimented by the addictive percussion. Filtered hi-hats almost seem to test the water for what is to come in the rest of the track. A new distorted bass effect appears and with its low octave siren like sound, keeps the brilliantly unsettling mood moving forward. This sublimely produced and enslaving piece of music continues to build and drop perfectly throughout the duration, highlighting the darkness this pair are truly capable of.

The exciting dark tension from Bearded Child is continued in the release with the throbbing, underground piece, Veins. The fierce modulated bass synths seem to swagger through the track with complete ownership becoming a compelling part of the song. Funk & Sian have kept to their outstanding reputation for amazing, high quality production, which keep fans going at clubs all over the world.

Released by: soma
Release/catalogue number: Soma 290d
Release date: Aug 23, 2010

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