Mastered at Glowcast Audio: Decimal – Forgotten Requiem EP

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Decimal EP mastered at Glowcast Audio Mastering, by Conor Dalton.

Once again we are welcomed to the world of Decimal aka David Spacek. Having developed a rapid obsession towards the art of electronic music at the tender age of 15 he swiftly moved on to become a specialised Dj and producer, which resulted in him, creating a sound that is both refined and unique and recognised universally.

Decimal made is mark on all the great techno lovers around the world long ago and his return to Soma Records sees the release, of yet another, greatly anticipated EP, titled Forgotten Requiem taken from his fourth coming, debut album, Lost in a Dark Place.

Decimal has always aimed to provide a modern twist within techno production and development, an aim that has clearly been achieved right from the core of this EP.

The title track Forgotten Requiem once again pushes the genre boundaries and not only reminds the audience of Decimals past creativity but illustrates the essence of Decimal. Forgotten Requiem has an added dynamic, which, incorporated with the raw, intensifying bass results in Decimals unfailing capability to produce and recreate the magic of repetitive sound. Finishing as it began, with the alluring beat of the core bassline, the listener is left eager to discover what the following track has to offer.

The EP continues to progress onto Death Song. A simple beginning acts as an effective disguise to the thrilling depths that can be found within this track. It soon unravels to expose an echoing vocal and continuous chant, which joins the epic organ synth in creating a hectic and intense atmosphere. The ambience created amidst the penultimate track is one to push the listener into a frenzy.

The closing track, Return of the Jam, takes a slightly different direction to that of the previous two and encapsulates the dancefloor rhythm, and that of the upbeat passion of The Jam themselves, thus providing the necessary requirements for the avid club goer. From the initial beat the audience is left with no other choice but to embrace its stylish, modern take on an oldskool era. Although the shortest of the three tracks, Return of the Jam, does not fail to deliver and with the final beats bringing the EP to a close the listener is left with no other choice but to click repeat!

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