Mastered at Glowcast Audio: Hatikvah – In the Spirit (DeepChord remixes)

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DeepChord remixes mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio Mastering, Glasgow, Scotland.

1. In The Spirit
2. In The Spirit (Rod Modell | Deepchord Kinematic Mix)
3. In The Spirit (Rod Modell | Deepchord A BalmyNight Mix) [Digital only] 4. In The Spirit (Acapella)

Rod Modell, of DeepChord (Detroit), leapt at these remixes with true heart and soul. Turning in 3, altogether different mixes of In The Spirit, Modell takes his first, Kinematic Mix, down a dark and trippy road that is fully intense and disorientating. The A Balmy Night Mix, is a calmer and more serene vision of Hatikvah’s original. In typical Deepchord style, this mix is bursting with luscious synths and sweeping sound. The third remix from Rod Modell, the 133bpm Vector & Velocity Mix, is sitting safe in the Soma vault and will be aired during the 20th birthday celebrations in 2011 – this is one to watch out for. The original a capella joins the original and two of the Deepchord mixes on the digital release.

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