Mastered at Glowcast audio: Harvey McKay – The Unit EP

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Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio Mastering, Glasgow, Scotland

Harvey McKay
The Unit [SOMA294D] 1. The Unit
2. Function
3. Acta

Only three months after the release of his fantastic Shift EP, Harvey McKay returns to Soma with a brand new 3 track single, “The Unit”.
The strength of the title-track “The Unit” is the capacity of Harvey McKay to become a captivating sound designer, making his listener obsessed by the rhythm. The song kick starts with a filtered beat before the bass line takes over to clearly define the tempo of this first track, one definitively made for the dance floor. Stripping his production to its barest bones allows the founding elements of the track to show their true weight and crucially, their effectiveness at controlling bodies on the floor.

Next track on this EP, named “Function”, is a truly instinctive experience.
The depths of the beat that builds this B-side fill your head with swelling sounds and textures until you feel like every sound flutters back and forth between your ears. This is probably Harvey McKay’s darkest and most introspective tracks to date and one that defines him as one of the finest young Techno producers around.

“Acta”, which closes this EP, sums up all McKay’s influences and tastes in music. His talent to toy with classic but highly addictive rhythms, using subtle drums variations is illustrated perfectly in “Acta”. He combines this with heavy sub-bass and various synth stabs & sounds which surround these tight percussive drums. These complement each other perfectly and produce a high-tempo and jacking, yet sophisticated brand of Techno.
With “The Unit”, Harvey McKay once again proves his talent and remarkable skills in sound manipulation.

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