Mastered at Glowcast Audio: Harvey McKay Substanz Underground EP

[soundcloud width=”300%” height=”225″ params=”” url=”″] Harvey McKay – Substanz Underground by soma

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio, Glasgow

Hot on the heels of The Unit, Harvey McKay follows up with the subterranean Substanz Underground single. The EP is named after a little after-hours warehouse in Glasgow’s Southside district, where he along with many of Glasgow’s burgeoning DJ’s and artists play on a regular basis. Substanz Underground, a venue that hosts many of Glasgow’s after-parties from Slam’s Pressure night to various others across an electronic city, is an incredibly important aspect of Glasgow’s music scene; one that Harvey pays his respects to.

B Class warms gradually, with clanking mechanical sounds and textures providing the back-bone percussion to the track, while fuzzy and raw hi-hats solidify the underground feel. These sounds appear on the arrival of a wonderfully balmy chord that glides in with ease. Upbeat but delicate is the air on the number.

Next up is Jon Virtue’s take on the McKay B Class original. Another Glaswegian, Virtue is most certainly familiar with the ambiance of Substanz. Notching the pace up somewhat, he keeps it dark and deep, but retains the groove of the original, working the vocal cut in amongst the chords and some heavy and distorted bass to give the track a little more energy and drive. Jon Virtue is definitely one to keep an eye on from the ever growing Glasgow Techno scene.

Mind Frame delves back to the roots and influences of Harvey’s musical career. Stripped, yet highly effective, Mind Frame captures a feel for these gatherings perfectly. Sub-heavy bass and an incredible, old-school hook leap from the speakers, while straight and upbeat percussion bash their way through. Again McKay retains groove and swing, but sticks to his own unique sound and style.

Harvey steps up to his best game on this EP and highlights what matters to him when it comes to his own productions; no-messing Techno.

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