Mastered at Glowcast audio: Itamar Sagi – And The Rest EP

[soundcloud width=”300%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=false” url=”″] Itamar Sagi – And The Rest by soma
[soundcloud width=”300%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=false” url=”″] Itamar Sagi – Free Polyphonic by soma

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio, Glasgow, Scotland.

Israeli born Itamar Sagi returns to Soma Quality Recordings after the massive success of his One Million Oaks EP on the imprint at the tail end of 2008. Since then he has been crafting away in the studio on his jacking yet off kilter sound. Itamar is a unique and exceptionally talented producer that we welcome back to the imprint with welcome arms. This year sees his works appearing on fellow labels Drumcode & Shinedoe’s Intacto Records.

And The Rest plays on his trademark stabs in true Detroit style. Gritty and stripped to its bones, the track rumbles along on heavy sub bass and punching kick drum, allowing the gentle but swift introduction of filtered stabs. A snapping snare sits lonely until a crisp ride and high-hat leap in to the mix. Full of energy and passion this track will push any dancefloor with its wistful groove and razor-sharp percussion.
Free Polyphonic shows a slightly more sedated side of Itamar. A shuffling synth part swings around filtering in and around tight toms and tickling high-hats. Grainy and distorted the synth and percussion builds throughout the track, until a beautiful drop into kick, clap, toms and that undulating synth with a riotous effect. The break brings in some head bending effects and swells in intensity until. This is a track that is perfect to freak with the floor, yet maintain the drive and rhythm.
Another outstanding EP from the young Israeli.

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