Mastered at Glowcast: Decimal – Ghost EP (inc. Dustin Zahn remix)

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Decimal follows his acclaimed Melody Attack EP with a dark, grooving stomper of a single. Two original works come in from the Chicagoan, plus a jacking remix (and three DJ Tools) from his friend and Enemy Records head-honcho, Dustin Zahn.

The third single from the debut Decimal album, Lost In A Dark Place, is a classic Decimal production. Skipping and shuffling percussion winds around drunken bass to wonderfully disorientating effect, while vaporous vocals flitter around. Aggression pours through as rasping synth builds towards the peak of the track, but is delicately balanced with warmer tones and stabs.

Dustin Zahn’s Ghost interpretation is a slightly more light-hearted affair. A bouncing rhythm strides through the track as rounded bass and punching kick work in tandem.
The Monolith remix has a very hypnotic and tripped-out air to it created by hollow, bell-like synths. DZ’s remix oozes a refined energy and gusto, and is sure to swing all on the dancefloor.
Tethys, the third track on this EP, brings back a darker and more belligerent style of Techno. Building a massive swells, the appropriately named Tethys, daughter to Uranus and Gaia and aquatic sea godess in Greek mythology, is a powerful track. Modulating synths add a tone of treated hysteria, while intricate percussion flanks warbling bass.

Completing the EP, Dustin Zahn brakes down some DJ tools for your pleasure.
All in, Ghost is a brawny EP and cements Decimal as one of the USA’s rising techno stars.

Released by: Soma Records
Release/catalogue number: SOMA301D
Release date: Feb 14, 2011

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