Mastered at Glowcast: Joe Stawarz – Cry EP (Soma Records)

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Joe Stawarz hails from Perth in Western Australia. Developing an ear for sound at a young age, music found a way into his formal education, culminating in the completion of a Composition degree at the WA Academy of Performing Arts where his work focused on writing for acoustic ensembles. His pursuits with electronic music always provided a welcome distraction however, and in 2007 he came to the attention of Soma Recordings by taking out Slam’s remix contest with his version of “We’re Not Here” from their “Human Response” long player.

Influenced by a wide range of music, and with an interest in things slightly left of centre, Joe pieces together his own tracks with a belief in the capacity of music as an expression in and of itself. Whether playing with the interaction of rhythmic elements or following a certain mood, his hope is to create honest music.

The original Cry is a sliver of profuse deepness. A Beautifully serene atmosphere is created through luscious strings, modulating synths and a subterranean b-line. A muted kick drum keeps the time in a track that could mellow even the most hyper-socialite.

Decimal’s take on Cry brings a dancefloor vibe to the original, with skipping lo-fi percussion that hisses through the introduction of deep hovering strings, and an off-beat stab. An extreme cello-esque bass drops after a brief break, but retains flow and momentum through with emotive and winding chords.

Joe’s Bird Whale is an entirely different beast. Clinical precision combines with soul and warmth in a way rarely heard in the tech-house field. Rolling percussion sits above an absorbing bassline as effects and field recordings zip in and out of the mix. The orchestral elements of Joe’s education shine through on many of his productions. It is obvious where his skills lie when listening to songs like this.

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