Mastered at Glowcast: Joe Stawarz EP + Mihalis Safras remix

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Joe Stawarz
Bee Bear

1. Bee Bear
2. Deep Cut
3. Deep Cut (Mihalis Safras Remix)

All the way from Western Australia, the young Joe Stawarz combines beautiful compositions with slick production making for a truly unique trademark sound. After getting Soma’s attention with his competition winning remix of Slam’s “We’re Not Here”, Joe released his debut EP ‘Cry’ with the label. Now he returns with Bee Bear, an EP that more than lives up to the expectation of such a talented young producer.

The EP is full of deep and delicate arrangements that demonstrate both Joe’s scholar ability as a composer and his master craftsmanship as an up and coming producer. The tracks indulge in their own musicality rather than conforming to the format of standard club tracks of the moment.

Bee Bear is in a world of it’s own. Another expertly crafted sequence of glimmering clicks and rolling snares while cleverly arranged horns give the track a unique sounding melancholy that lingers on the brain.

Deep Cut is a powerful yet composed track that patiently reveals itself over time. Finely tuned clicks set with clinical precision create a minimal atmosphere while deep sweeping synths build the track until it suddenly kicks into life with gripping tech house. The track then levels into a pensive reprise of sweeping syncopation concluding what is an epic track.

Mihalis Safras brings Deep Cut to the surface with a tech house remix that gives it a dance-floor edge. Whilst adding his own distinctive rhythmic sound, Safras pushes the melodies of the original further, creating a powerful groove that will satisfy basements and big rooms alike.

mastered at

Released by: soma
Release/catalogue number: Soma 325d
Release date: Nov 14, 2011

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