Mastered at Glowcast: Slam – Chasing Shadows

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast, Glasgow

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RELEASE DATE 2011-10-24
LABEL Paragraph

Press release:
Slams latest double-track release through subsidiary label Paragraph provides the impactful sound of stripped down techno and sculpted dynamics. The duo have managed to create and explore new sounds and produce two engaging, challenging yet firmly idiosyncratic tracks. The first track, Chasing Shadows bristles with creative hi-hat structures; a constant theme of the track, the sounds of which weave their way through the bigger sonic exchanges.

These stark high-end elements freshen up the sound and merge with the splashing synths carrying through the breakdowns and pulsing into the rhythmic shifts. Throughout the track the melody line transitions shift the focus and keep the track moving. There is progression towards a deeper, powerful sound as the track continues with fx-laden synths, backing up the driving rhythm.

In the second track, Black Arts we are immediately met with a housier sound. A hint of swing in the interplay of percussion really helps to deepen the tone, when pitched in counterpoint with wooden percussion notes reminiscent of early xylophone samples. A sweeping, held lead line helps to add a sense of the ethereal to this more grooving sound when the track reaches its varied crescendos and floats through the seismic transitions.

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