Mastered at Glowcast: Kyle Geiger / Bobby Dowell – Restore EP (Soma)

kyle geiger / bobby dowell - restore EP

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast.

Kyle Geiger/Bobby Dowell [Soma 357d] Restore – Close Encounter

1- Restore
2- Restore (Soundown Edit)
3- Close Encounter

Kyle Geiger releases another top quality EP on Soma. January sees the American native bring out the Restore EP featuring a collaboration with Bobby Dowell, which makes an explosive start to the New Year’s releases.
Restore is an imposing track with booming bass and an expansive, epic onslaught, which ebbs and flows throughout to create a powerful sound. The dynamic shifts of the tracks and the layered production are all balanced perfectly to hit hard. The sumptuous echoing backdrop and crisp, direct percussion blend with vocal lines and instrumentation, which create a full and bold representation of Geiger’s style. The drops come in waves and everything pulses with energy and style.

The Sundown edit of Restore takes the strong foundations of the track and injects after-dark urgency with whirring electronic pressure and deep momentum. The sounds of sundown are brilliantly projected with a sense of distinctive sonic elements all bustling together to produce a heady track. There is just the right amount of tension in the production, which makes this track another unique release.

Close Encounter rounds off the EP with consummate style and extends the musical highs of the release. Geiger collaborates with fellow American Bobby Dowell, who has created some notable releases outside of Soma, to produce a similarly potent sound touched with an element of darkness. The beats and synths build a hard, immaculate output with cycles of big sound and smooth restraint. There is a spacious, ethereal sound subtly enveloping the track which enables this towering EP finale to rise and fall out of its own musical foundations at will.
This is an attention-grabbing, infectious release that will provide the soundtrack to many a boisterous night and concentrated mix.