Mastered at Glowcast: Pig & Dan – Decade (CD Album, Soma)

RELEASE DATE 2012-07-30
LABEL Soma Records

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2012 has been by far the most exciting start to any year in Pig&Dans 10 year strong career. After beginning the year with the much acclaimed release Pollerwiesen on Stephan Bodzins cult label Herzblut, the Dynamic duo once again teamed up with Mark Reeve and produced the techno bombrelease Origami. Soma records launched Origami into the Beatport top 20 and saw the title track just skim the outskirts of the top 10.

Almost immediately after, Pig&Dan released the Beatport top 5 smasher Machines on Bedrock. Looking back, the meeting of minds during a chance encounter of Igor Tchkotoua (Pig) and Dan Duncan on a flight to Spain in 1999, sounds like the opening scene of a Hollywood movie, certainly neither musician could have the written the script of what happened next. Recognizing a mutual philosophy, and using their own musical background that dated back to the start of the dance scene, they combined to create a slick production outfit that would entrance clubbers and DJs alike.

Now some 10+ years further on Soma present Decade! Pig&Dan fly into this release from a lofty position on the electronica scene. Topping numerous charts, DJ polls plus their unique way of performing high-energy DJ sets have brought an unstoppable momentum to the innovative duo. From early incarnations the pairing have become an integral and innovative part of the Techno landscape. Their sounds have for some time now blended a core of depth with recurrent hooks and loops being studded in marvellous style by intricate drum hits and carefully crafted sounds which progress and deepen to formulate really upbeat and euphoric output.

This full-length album release through Soma provides great insight into why the pair has become so visible and important, smoothly shifting between an underground ethos whilst maintaining a synergy with and respect for the audience whose aural enjoyment is of paramount importance to the pair. The quality and diversity displayed on the album means that this 10 year anniversary LP displays perfectly produced sounds with maintained dynamism and intricacy throughout. Such rich depth and innovation enables this album to sit proudly within Somas canon of great releases and the very nature of the intense, all-consuming and potent sound makes this album an essential part of the future direction of Pig&Dan and the wider musical sphere.

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