Mastered at Glowcast: Pig & Dan – Decade Remixed Part 2 (Soma 351d)

Pig & Dan | Decade Remixed Part 2

1. Doing It For Yourself – Butch Remix
2. Lone Ranger – Coyu Remix
3. Natives – Dosem Remix
4. Natives – Marc DePulse Remix

This second selection of Pig and Dan remixes does not disappoint with a massive variety of sound and style, working from the foundation of innovation and quality production on which the originals were made.
The Butch remix of Doing It For Yourself grafts the innovative nature of Pig and Dan firmly onto the production of this version. The track spirals deeper and deeper, getting darker and creating a sound which will draw any listener into the intensity. The powerful progression of the track is best identified towards the end where a big imposing drop shifts the track about in a fresh and unexpected fashion. The track is full of character and coupled with its immaculate production conveys the space and impact of the original.

Coyu’s version of Lone range has plenty to identify the unique talents of the Barcelona producer. Suspense and space is developed throughout with the striking, nimble bassline dominating the drops and giving limitless energy to the track. As it begins the track builds and builds allowing the soundscape to splinter at key moments. The synths take on an industrial edge and mirror the bass and percussion to create a powerful whole which soars and offers another distinct element to this excellent collection of remixes.

The Spanish theme continues as DOSEM provides the first of two takes on Pig and Dan’s Natives. The Girona native blasts through the early ambience and flow of the track with great shifting rhythm patterns and various strains of melody which transform the original sound into an uplifting, nostalgic house track. These themes reach a crescendo on this version. Throughout, the driving kick drum and powerful percussion construct the basis for a unique and enjoyable track which is further extended through intricate melody and tempo.

The final remix on this record is Marc DePulse’s vibrant interpretation of Natives. The Leipzig based DJ and producer manages to bring a new focus to this special track. The original Natives is an exercise in experimenting with sonic themes and offers an interesting prospect for a remix. Unique tabla inspired ‘gulping’ bass beats work throughout the track as both an independent element of the sound and an important part of the track’s momentum. Fresh percussion elements and the swirling, echoing melody lines define a remix which pays homage to the originality of Pig and Dan’s production whilst accentuating some of the more striking elements.

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast audio mastering, Glasgow.

Released by: soma
Release/catalogue number: Soma 351d
Release date: Oct 1, 2012

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