Mastering at Glowcast: Monoloc – Gipson EP

Gipson EP

Gipson EP

*Both tracks mastered by Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

Monoloc | Gipson EP

1. Gipson
2. Cupel

Soma welcome Techno behemoth Monoloc for his label debut with two dark, brooding Techno tracks in his inimitable style with the ‘Gipson EP’. Monoloc was born in 1980 in Frankfurt am Main. He first got in touch with the booming electronic music scene of this Techno metropolis at the age of 16 and soon bought his first set of records. Since then, his life has revolved around his ultimate goal; manifestation of his musical vision in the form of dj sets as well as his very own productions.

Title track Gipson kicks off with deep, pumping subs and kicks with a slowing evolving atmosphere creating great tension through the body of the track. Monoloc subtly pulls back the throttle only to launch back it with bold, crashing percussion. Most definitely one for the more moody dance floor.

On the flip, Cupel starts off a little lighter but defiantly delivers a punch. Muted kicks and atmosphere provide the backdrop while delayed synths trip out over the top. Monoloc picks up the pace ever so slightly as skipping hi hats given the track more urgency before ethereal pads glisten through the heart.

An exciting debut from a true master of techno on Soma Records.