VIDEO: Mastered at Glowcast: Gary Beck – Algoreal (Soma records)


Soma Recordings Ltd
Directed and edited by Simone L Smith

The Video was filmed in and around ” The Devil’s Pulpit” in Stirlingshire, 30 miles north of Glasgow.The Devil’s pulpit is a gorge, which according to local lore, ancient Druids used as a meeting place, where sacrifices were made of animals and humans. Many people have reported a strange atmosphere when they are in the depths of the gorge. Drawing on the feelings exuded from the Devil’s Pulpit, the video explores the influence of “dark forces” within the gorge.

It was said that a sacrifice of human or animal was acceptable to the Celtic gods and had to be attended by a druid, for they were the intermediaries between the people and the divinities.

“These men predict the future by observing the flight and calls of birds and by the sacrifice of holy animals: all orders of society are in their power… and in very important matters they prepare a human victim, plunging a dagger into his chest; by observing the way his limbs convulse as he falls and the gushing of his blood, they are able to read the future.”

There is archaeological evidence from Western Europe that has been widely used to back up the idea that the Iron Age Celts performed human sacrifice.

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast.

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