Mastered at Glowcast: Pig & Dan – Lone Ranger (Soma)

Dynamic duo Pig & Dan blast themselves back onto Soma records with their solo debut, the Lone Ranger EP. With their upcoming 10 year album “Decade” on the horizon, it’s only fitting that we give you a taste of what to expect. Title track Lone Ranger, taken from the album, leads perfectly in to this storming EP.

Skipping drums grow into a building, razor sharp pad line which ebbs and flows throughout the track teasing just enough until it breaks through with deadly force along with a deep funky baseline.

This track was meant for peak time and it delivers right on time. The EP’s second track, Below The Belt, is an excellent follow on from Lone Ranger. A shimmering vocal sample, swarming with reverb, plays delicately along with direct drums and rolling sub bass, delivering yet another dance floor bomb. Belgian dj/producer Tom Hades weighs in here with a great interpretation of Below The Belt. An instant dark, ominous beat kicks things off as the track progresses into a full on techno workout!

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast.

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