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Mastering at Glowcast: Island People – Distance 7

Audio Mastering at Glowcast:

Island People is a new band project consisting of Grammy Award winning producer David Donaldson, musician and DJ Graeme Reedie, guitarist Ian “chippy” Maclennan and myself. On our first self-titled record, we present our collaborative work that evolved over the past three years.

Being based in different cities, namely Berlin and Glasgow, files had to be exchanged back and forth between the band members in order to create tracks. for their delicate sound structures, field recordings and other sound sources were heavily processed and rendered unrecognizable. Layer after layer, the tracks came into being quite naturally, not only reflecting their continuous way of working, but also incorporating their different and individual backgrounds: »during the whole creation of the album, we never realised our actions were quickly leading us into forming ›Island People‹, we were too busy having fun, making music and sharing ideas.«

The result of our collaboration is a timeless music that is as open as a natural phenomenon, developing a certain feeling of euphoria over time. All in all, Island People is a pure listening record in the best tradition of ambient.


  1. Ember
  2. Colour District
  3.  Vultures And Doves
  4. Thought I Knew You
  5. From The Sky
  6. Cogs
  7. Breathing Spell
  8. Kindling
  9. Sonde
  10. Song For The Sea
  11. Shadows And I
  12. Waterway
  13. Vogelsang
  14. Distance 7

Audio Mastering at Glowcast Audio by Conor Dalton – get in touch to find out more

Released in June 2017, follow Island People on Facebook