Mastering at Glowcast: Edit Select – Cyclical Undulations

Mastering Edit Select’s new album:

Mastering Edit Select’s new album which will soon be released on Scottish label Soma Records. The album is called Cyclical Undulations and will be available in both wax and digital formats. The EP will contain eight and ten records. Cyclical Undulations will be the third album of the Scottish techno trooper Edit Select.

Track list:

01. Intra – Grain
02. Above Ground
03. Two Step Phase
04. Undulation
05. Horizon #1
06. Close Up
07. In The Beginning She Was
08. Horizon #2
09. Contact feat. Claudio PRC
10. Towards The E

Mastering Edit Select

Mastering Edit Select at Glowcast Audio in Berlin. Soma Records will release the album in March 2018. If you would like to find out more about the current projects I am mastering please head over to my news section