Shlømo releasing on ARTS and mastered by Conor Dalton

Mastering at Glowcast: Shlømo ‎– The Rapture

Mastering Shlømo:

Mastering Shlømo on ARTS which is a synonym of future, this is an intensive work of art, a big dedication to bring art on a solid form.
The label presents you Shlomo, their new add on the label rooster who is a big talent able to bring strong Atmosphere into very deep grooves.
The 2 cuts are outstanding, on top of that we added 2 Masterclass remixes to complete the opera, Inigo Kennedy & Label Boss Emmanuel. Epic! This weekend, Shlømo is playing in Spain, along with Keith Carnal. Afterwards he will be heading over to France to play in Lyon. Then he is coming to Berlin for a gig at Grießmühle.

Mastering Shlømo

Released May 2016
Mastering Shlømo by Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Audio Mastering