Mastering in Berlin at Glowcast Audio: Setaoc Mass – Reframe EP

Berlins world class audio mastering:

Setaoc Mass with the fifth release on his own techno imprint SK_Eleven. The release comes with five tracks. Yet again I am very happy to have delivered masters and contributed to a great release.

About the release:

Very heavy techno tracks that were made for the big room.


A1 – Proun 19D
A2 – One for you
A3 – Vanishing Point
B1 – Key (Fallingwater)
B2 – Cinema Gaze

Berlins world class audio mastering by Glowcast Audio

Released in December 2017 on SK_Eleven. Have a preview listen on Soundcloud and get in touch here if you would like to find out more about the mastering services we offer at Glowcast Audio.